Simple lock diagram

This simple code lock circuit can be usefully employed in cars so that the car can start only when the correct code sequence is keyed in via the key pad. The code lock design can also be used in

various othee application. Simple Electronic Combination Lock Posted by circuit wiring in General Circuits The following diagram is a very easy and simple electronic combination lock based on IC LS7220. The following diagram is a very easy and simple electronic combination lock based on IC LS7220. Component Part List: C1 = 1uF 25V; C2 = 220uF 25V Electronic Circuit Diagram > Misc > Simple Electronic Combination Lock. Simple Electronic Combination Lock. By circuit schematic. This could be the circuit

diagram of a easy electronic combination lock by using IC LS 7220.This circuit may be applied to activate a relay for controlling ← Wailing Alarm Siren Very Simple Radio Control Simple Combination Lock Chapter 7 - Digital Integrated Circuits.

PARTS AND MATERIALS. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM. ILLUSTRATION. INSTRUCTIONS. This circuit illustrates the use of XOR (Exclusive-OR) gates as bit comparators. Four of these XOR gates compare the respective bits of two 4-bit binary numbers, each number “entered” into the circuit via This is Simple Code Lock circuit.

This circuit will turn on a relay when the 8-way DIP switches receives the correct code. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: There are two different types of DIP, they are piano-key DIP sw and 8-way DIP sw. This circuit will not draw the current if the switch is kept off. 53%(315) Reviews: 13Author: Tom Rubenoff Tags: Cam Lock, Diagram of Locks, Disc Tumbler Cylinder Locks, Locksmiths, USA Locksmith Like we promised earlier, we have been bringing to you a series of technical pictures and diagrams, so that your knowledge of locksmithing is upgraded.

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